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What we can offer
We do the work for you – hands off and headache free investing.

  • We do a market research and find suitable homes
  • We find the tenant/buyer
  • Full Management
  • Exit strategies are established from the start
  • The selling price is negotiated upfront
  • You are provided with a team of professional
  • Flexible profit options
  • Hands off, turn key investment
  • With our assistance you help individuals and families become home owners

Real Estate has become a proven investment in Canada and is a preferred investment vehicle for investors. You create more wealth with Real Estate investment through, leverage, appreciation, cash flow and predictability.

Joint Venture Partnerships are good opportunities for investor to diversify, add more properties to their portfolio and for some investor a good way to start investing in Real Estate.

Investing your RRSP funds in a 2nd mortgage position is an ideal way to compound your retirement savings while ensuring your nest egg is safe at retirement. Protect your future by investing in Real Estate. Control your RRSP and manage it your self by placing it into a “self-directed” account, where you can invest in Real Estate for better returns on your investment.
Using your RRSP as a mortgage is a sure way to get higher returns.

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  • If you haven't had a chance to meet Harry and Hinti, you're missing out. These guys know what it takes to push through all adversities. What makes these two an incredible dynamic duo is their will to work through every challenge with a smile still intact. This is such an important trait to have especially in the world of Real Estate Investing.–Gary Hebert, Smart Home Choice (SHC).

  • Hinti and Harry worked with us and took our self employment into consideration and our past and present aspirations for our family, business and future. They were so warm and welcoming and made an uncertain time in our life so much brighter.–Carla