A Tenant Story

There are two types of tenant, the good one and not so good one!

When I purchase my first multifamily property, I knew that it was going to be a bumpy road since I had no previous experience managing multi properties. Well; after two years of ownership, I could write a book!

Let me share one of the many stories with you… On a summer day, I find myself knocking at the door of my not so good tenant, she had giving me permission to go in the basement, accessible from her unit. The person answering the door was a friend of my tenant and in need to chat. He decided to come to the basement with me and proudly show how he had set up a place for him to reside, paying my tenant $$$. The basement as in most century homes, a spider paradise, next to a dirt crawl space and much more. What a surprise!!! I managed to get him out of the basement but had to help him move for faster results. Lesson learned; always lock your basement door when the space is not part of the lease agreement.